The fully accredited education provided by Oakdale Christian Academy provides a solid traditional curriculum as well as courses providing skills for college and university study and for the contemporary workplace.  This quality education, which is delivered with a Biblical world view, is rigorous and challenging to every student. Advanced and college level courses ensure that even the most gifted students will be intellectually challenged.

While the curriculum is demanding, the support is abundant. Faculty members are available to provide extra help for serious students after school or during a mutually agreed period. Residential students have mandatory evening study hall which is supervised and supported by their dorm parents. Students who are limited or restricted are required to have Saturday study hall as well.

Parents can monitor students progress on an on-going basis through the on-line GradeLink program. Report cards are mailed home at the end of every grading period (4 times a year).

Oakdale has created an environment conducive to successful learning. Since class size averages only eleven students, teachers know the strengths, weaknesses, and potential of each student. Participation and interaction are encouraged, and Oakdale classrooms are filled with the excitement of energetic discussions that sharpen the intellect and deepen students’ understanding of their subjects. At the same time, a Christian world view permeates Oakdale’s academics, allowing students the opportunity to pursue knowledge and truth in an environment grounded in scripture and rich with grace.

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Oakdale Christian Academy has been approved for accreditation by Southern Association of Colleges and School (SACS) through AdvancED, President Dan Fisher announced on Monday. SACS is the regional accrediting agency for schools in the southeast United States. Several years ago, SACS joined with the secondary school division of the North Central Association to form AdvancED(pronounced […]