Oakdale Christian Academy is a Christ-centered community that leads students from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and international communities to lives of learning, serving others, and loving God.  Delivering Christ-honoring services to students, families, and stakeholders, the Oakdale staff are spiritually maturing Christians who minister to students through modeling and upholding a Christian learning and living community.  Faculty, staff, and administrators oversee, model, and teach taking into account the developmental growth needs of each student.

The overall goal for Oakdale graduates is that they will embrace Christ and their lives will reflect a Christian stewardship focus toward self, education, occupation, family, and community.  This ultimate goal is achieved as students attain the following:

Toward the goal of a quality academic education based on Christian values which would prepare students for college admission and for career effectiveness, Oakdale purposes that each student:

  • Acquires well-rounded knowledge, the pursuit of which leads to personal enrichment.
  • Acquires critical and creative thinking abilities.
  • Learns to read and listen receptively.
  • Learns effective and responsible written and spoken communication skills.
  • Comes to value the journey of life-long learning as whole persons.

Toward the goal that they would follow Christ, Oakdale purposes that each student:

  • Has a relationship with Christ.
  • Exhibits spiritual maturing after the pattern and image of Christ.
  • Grows in the experience and application of Christian faith.
  • Is prepared for life-long service to God and leadership for Christ in any profession.
  • Experiences worshiping God and loving God with mind and heart.

Toward the goal of an education in Christian character which would result in integration of Christian character into all aspects of life, Oakdale purposes that each student:

  • Attains a character quality of respect for oneself, others, and life together in service to others, the nation and world.
  • Develops interpersonal skills which allow them to succeed within the spectrum of social, professional, and societal contexts.
  • Develops leadership skills through mentoring, work study programs, and dormitory life.
  • Understands a stewardship perspective towards creation.
  • Articulates how God can be seen in every aspect of life.



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