Read How Oakdale has Impacted These Students

Tyler, from Lawrenceville, Illinois, came to Oakdale as a freshman in high school. At Oakdale he found a group of people he considers a second family. Here are his words:

I had heard that boarding school was horrible. In 2008, I was terrified to go. At my graduation four years later, I didn’t want to leave. I have completely changed my life around from being a problem student to being college-bound with a full ride scholarship! Oakdale can help anyone who wants to be helped!
 All of Oakdale is amazing. It looks pretty crazy and in the middle of nowhere but the reality is, it is an amazing place! Let yourself go and work hard and live for God!
 The dorms are a great place for students to gain confidence. As a freshmen at OCA, I was a shy student, or so I thought. As I began to attend OCA, my dorm deans and fellow students encouraged me in many ways. They helped push me to better grades and they also helped me to become more outgoing. I have always appreciated the men who headed the dorm. The dorms are filled with staff that love the students and have personal relationships with them.
 Oakdale Christian Academy is like a huge family. Each student gets a unique opportunity to see different aspects of families and the many ways we can choose to interact with others.  I have learned so much about what it means to be a Christian. God has really worked through Oakdale and the people there to help me be a better person. Oakdale is a motivating place as well as one that will push you to do the right thing.

Caitlyn, from Columbus, Indiana, came to Oakdale as a sophomore in high school. Now a freshman at Central Christian College in McPherson, KS she writes:

Oakdale prepared me for Central through academics and the residential program. Through the academic program, I became aware of my strengths and weaknesses and learned study techniques to help me deal with those. The residential program helped me be prepared to be away from home and in a dorm setting.
Oakdale’s job training program helped me prepare for the work-study program I am in now because it taught me how to balance efficiency and good work to make whatever job I am doing be quick but also fit required standards.”