Dorm Parents

In preparation for future growth, Oakdale Christian Academy is receiving applicants for a possible future opening for dorm parent in the girls’ and boys’ dorms. Evidence of relevant experience or related skills is a must. Personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is essential.


Dorm parents reports to the dean of students, who reports to the president.

Primary Job Summary: Provide a nurturing, structured, and attractive dormitory experience for boarding students.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  1. Know the whereabouts of the students under the dean’s care.
  2. Enforce the guidelines and standards of the Oakdale program as described in handbooks.
  3. Daily spend time with each student in the dorm.
  4. Complete a daily report sheet that documents the amount of time spent with each student.
  5. Check on students during in-room time and lights-out time and monitor the rooms after lights out.
  6. Attend all meals.
  7. Thoroughly understand and utilize the dorm point system.
  8. Communicate regularly with the dean of students regarding new ideas, the interpretation of existing rules, and consequences for negative behavior.
  9. Enforce consequences that students receive in other areas of the school program.
  10. Help the students maintain both their dorm rooms and all common areas with regard to cleanliness and repair of damages.
  11. Maintain the dorm parent’s own living space in an orderly fashion.
  12. Address negative behavior outside of the dorm as well as within the dorm.
  13. Distribute mail.
  14. Make arrangements with the school nurse regarding doctor and dentist appointments.

Supplemental Ministry: All staff are expected to participate in areas of the Oakdale ministry beyond the confines of the Essential Duties and Responsibilities as listed above.

Education and Experience: A college degree is preferred. Previous experience in dormitory supervision is preferred, but not required.

Staff Application Form