Odermann Hall

Odermann Hall Expansion and Renovation

Odermann Hall, the boys’ dormitory, was built in the 1980s and is structurally sound, in good strategic location, but had several deficiencies.  Odermann Hall had one tiny commons, a dorm parent apartment of 922 square feet, no central air-conditioning, and an old and outdated bathroom.

The expansion will add 2,000 square foot to the building, including new bathroom & laundry facilities and a new spacious commons.  The renovation will provide increased student capacity and an expanded dorm parent apartment.

2016-10-21-odermann-hall-cropped-mediumYour Invitation to Participate

Join with the many who have already given so that this new dormitory can be built.  The return on this investment will be the healing of broken lives, the redemption of hearts, the sharpening of minds, and preparedness for a bright future.

Supporting the Build On… Comprehensive Campaign will provide funds for the new girls’ dormitory as well as meet other campaign projects.

You can participate right now by giving online, by making a pledge, or by sending a contribution.  Thank you for your interest in Oakdale Christian Academy and for making opportunities available to our students.