International Student Admissions Criteria

Oakdale is a boarding school for students in grades 7 – 12  who are seeking a quality education that prepares its students for college and university study.  This education is provided in a safe, structured, Christian environment that encourages students to grow spiritually, improve relationship and communication skills, develope positive character traits and explore new adventures.

Among the primary admissions criteria are:

  • Students must attend by their own choice and have a desire to live within the community standards of Oakdale Christian Academy.
  • Applicants must demonstrate an ability to perform college and university preparatory academic work.  This is determined by the admissions committee through a review of past academic achievement, standardized testing, and possibly an on-campus or telephone interview.

The Admissions Committee

All applicants are considered with care by the Admissions Committee. The decision of the Admissions Committee is made with the best interest of each applicant as a primary concern. Consideration is given to what Oakdale can offer the applicant and also what contributions can be made by the applicant to the Oakdale community. Oakdale Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, physical impairment or gender.

For acceptance of any student at Oakdale, four principal areas are evaluated:

  1. How will Oakdale help the student? This question is primarily answered by the student’s desire to be a part of the student body as measured by expressed intent and discernible commitment to improvement.
  2. How does this student affect the rest of the student body? In order to create the best possible environment for all, a student’s influence, especially if enrolled in the upper grades, is a strong consideration.
  3. How does this student fit into the Oakdale program? While students are frequently accepted without an established record of exemplary behavior and/or strong academic performance, Oakdale’s primary focus is to help those students who now desire to receive a quality education in a Christian setting.
  4. Is the family committed to the child attending Oakdale? In order for a student to attend, parent(s)/ guardian(s) must honor all financial obligations made with the business manager. Families must also be supportive of the Oakdale program and willing to work with the principal and/or dean of students as they work with their child.

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