International Students Frequently Asked Questions

What grades do you offer?  Oakdale Christian Academy offers grades 7-12.

What is your total enrollment?  Oakdale enrolls 50 students annually.

How many students are in each grade?  There are typically 6-12 students per grade.

How many classes do students take each semester?  Students take six to seven classes per semester.

What is your teacher-to-student ratio?  Our student-to-teacher ratio is 7:1.

Which colleges have students attended?  In recent years, Oakdale graduates have attended many colleges and universities, including:

We recently signed an Assured Admission Agreement with Spring Arbor University to provide a more seamless transition for an Oakdale graduate interested in attending that university.  We have had three Chinese students attend Spring Arbor University in the past few years, and they have found it to be an excellent experience.

Do you offer AP or ESL courses?

We offer AP, Honors, and ESL courses, as well as embedded dual-credit college courses.

What after-school programs do you offer?

The school day ends at 4:00.  At 4:30 we have an hour of Job Training, which provides students the opportunity to develop leadership skills by being promoted to supervising other students.  This has been an outstanding learning experience for students.  Dinner is at 5:30.  Evenings are times of supervised study hall.  Depending on the day, there are activities such as sports teams practice and community outreach.

How many students live in each dorm?

Dorms are capped at 18-20 students, although they are rarely that large.  We often have dorm units that are 6-10 students.

What are the weekend activities you offer?

Every weekend we provide a variety of activities for students, in addition to providing time for students to study.  Saturday activities include trips to local stores so that students can buy personal and food items.  On Sunday, boarding students attend the campus Free Methodist Church and have dinner together.  In the afternoon, students are encouraged to have quiet time, during which students rest, do homework, or read.  In the evening a group activity is usually planned, and after that dorm meetings are  held to review community living issues.

Often, participation in activities during the week and weekends are contingent upon having acceptable grades.  Additionally, we often work with parents in tailoring eligibility for students so that we are working in cooperation with parents.

Is Oakdale large enough to offer opportunities to my child?

Oakdale’s size has many advantages that larger schools cannot offer.  Our students have opportunities to assume leadership roles in student groups and organizations that otherwise would not be as available to them.  They receive personalized assistance from teachers, and the nature of our small community helps students to become more proficient in English in a wide variety of contexts, including social situations in staff members’ homes and interactions with the local community.  Our international students develop important skills beyond the education they receive, although the education itself is rigorous and prepares students well for college and university.

What does it cost to attend?

Call us at (606) 666-5422 ext 102 for information about international fees for tuition, room and board.

Where do students go for holidays?

During Christmas break, spring break, and summer break, students travel to their homes or to their international student sponsor.  Included in the international student rate is room and board fees for spring break for those who are unable to travel.

Where do student go on weekends?

Our boarding program extends through the weekends, so all students stay on campus and eat in the dining hall.

How often are parents updated by the school?

Parents receive weekly academic reports through our online grade program, which shows academic performance on homework assignments, quizzes, and tests.  It also shows a weekly assessment of student effort, which is helpful information to parents.  The principal and dean of students aim to respond to parent email inquiries with 24 hours, and can be reached by telephone. Period updates and reports are sent to parents about the activities of the school and students.

How does Oakdale compare with similar schools?

Despite our small size, Oakdale has a high university placement rate of 90 percent overall, and 100 percent among high-performing students.  Our students are well prepared for university study.  Oakdale has accreditation with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), which is the regional accreditor of the Council for Higher Education, the premiere accrediting association in the U.S.

How many International students do you have?

This year we have 15 international students, representing seven countries and one third of our total student body.

How far is the nearest city and airport?

Lexington, Kentucky, a city of 500,000, is 90 miles from Oakdale Christian Academy.  Bluegrass Field Airport, located in Lexington, services the transportation needs of our domestic and international students.