International Student Application Information

Oakdale Christian Academy provides an excellent education for international students seeking to continue study at universities and colleges in the U.S.International Dinner

Oakdale has a high university placement rate of 90 percent overall, and 100 percent university placement with high-achieving students.  Our students are well prepared for university study.  Oakdale has accreditation with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), which is the regional accreditor of the Council for Higher Education, the premiere accrediting association in the U.S.

International students represent one-third of our total student body, and typically come from 7-10 different countries each year.

Visit our International Students Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more!

With our outstanding student to staff ration of 2:1, we are able to offer advantages not available at schools with overwhelmingly large enrollments.  Our students have opportunities to assume leadership roles on campus, in organizations, and amongst their peers that otherwise would not be as available to them at larger institutions.  The nature of our family-style community helps students to become more proficient in English in a wide variety of contexts, including social situations in staff members’ homes and interactions with the local community.  International students receive personalized assistance from our academic staff and develop important skills beyond the education they receive, although the education itself is rigorous and prepares students well for college and university.

In recent years, Oakdale graduates have been accepted by major and mid-major colleges and universities but have chosen to attend the following colleges and universities:

We recently signed an Assured Admission Agreement with Spring Arbor University to provide a more seamless transition for an Oakdale graduate interested in attending that university.  We have had three Chinese students attend Spring Arbor University in the past few years, and they have found it to be an excellent experience.

The Admissions Criteria that will help you understand whether your child is ready to attend and how our admissions process works.

Complete the Initial Contact Form to communicate quickly with our admissions staff about your interest and to begin the conversation.  A full application will be required as part of the admissions process.

Tuition Room and Board

2017-18 School Year

The International Student Application Process

Step 1.  Provisional Acceptance:  Complete and Return Application Forms

  1. Read the Parent-Student Handbook and communicate with the Admissions Director about any questions you may have.
  2. Complete and return the parent and student pages of the International Student ApplicationApplications may be faxed to 877-666-2584. 
  3. Pay the $225 application fee.  Make payment online.
  4. Request school transcript and the Principal Recommendation from your current school. Please use the forms in the application.
  5. Ask a professional of your choice (teacher, counselor, coach, youth worker, pastor) to complete and return the Professional Recommendation form.
  6. Obtain a doctor’s physical with a copy of your immunization record. Please use form in the application. For information regarding the immunizations required by the state of Kentucky, please click here.
  7. Application forms are considered complete when Oakdale has received all pages of the application forms, medical forms, school transcripts, recommendation forms and application fee.
  8. Applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee once they are complete. The Admissions Committee is responsible for deciding if applicants will receive provisional acceptance.  Some applicants may be required by the admissions committee to conduct a Skype interview with the principal or dean of students prior to the committee granting provisional acceptance.

Step 2.  Obtain I-20

The steps to receiving an I-20 are as follows:

  1. Pay $3,750. The $3,500 International Student Deposit is refundable if a VISA is not approved.  Make payment online.
  2. Submit to Oakdale Christian Academy official documentation of funds available to cover all expenses involved in attending school and necessary provisions for the student during this time. This documentation will serve as proof of financial responsibility and may include a letter from an employer, letter from a bank, letter from a sponsor demonstrating their ability to pay, etc.

Once the $3,750 has been paid and proof of financial responsibility has been demonstrated, Oakdale will send a Form I-20 and enter it into the U.S. Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).

Step 3.  Obtain I-901

The student can receive the I-901 from SEVIS by taking the following steps:

  1. Follow the application steps as shown at  For this, you will need your I-20 number, which is at the top of the I-20 form.
  2. Pay SEVIS fee online at and print I-901.
  3. Schedule an interview with the U.S. Embassy.

Step 4:  Obtain a Visa

To obtain a visa, the student and parent(s) must schedule an interview at the U.S. Embassy, bringing the following:

  1. Form I-20
  2. Form I-901
  3. Financial documentation required by SEVIS.
  4. Letter of full acceptance from Oakdale to the U. S. Embassy interview.

Step 5:  Full Acceptance

Upon the completion of steps 1 through 4, and after a financial agreement has been reached with the Oakdale business office, the family can communicate with the school about travel arrangements.

Payment for the first semester of attendance will reserve your place at Oakdale.


To learn more about Oakdale Christian Academy, call Admissions at (606) 657-0451 or (606) 666-5422 x104.


You may submit the International student fee electronically:


Obtaining an International Student Visa