The President’s Blog

Daniel Fisher is the president of Oakdale Christian Academy and provides overall leadership for the school.  He began in 1995 as director of development as was made president in 2001.

He has a bachelor’s degree in music (education minor) from Greenville University, a master’s in education from Seattle Pacific University and a Ph.D.  in higher education from Azusa Pacific University.  Read Dr. Fisher’s blog posts below.

Recent Posts

The Voice They Need to Hear

Teenagers today have been hearing voices their entire lives – too many of which are speaking falsehoods that destroy their hearts and minds. The voices of culture tell lies about what is good and honorable, about what is right, about where to focus their attention, about what is important, and about who God is. They hear inner voices echoing harmful […]

Stored Up Energy

The other day I was tidying up my home office, and I ran across an issue of Light & Life (the Free Methodist monthly magazine) from 2009.  I wondered what reason there might be for keeping that particular issue. A quick glance at the table of contents helped me realize why it had been meaningful enough for me […]

Integrating Faith and… Everything!

A lively and entertaining presentation of the Peter Pan story was given last night by Stephen Coates’ Intro to Acting class. Many of the students had never had the opportunity to participate in a theater production, and they did great! Following the production was a reception, at which time one of the actors gave tribute […]

Confronted with Christ:  The Power of the Oakdale Experience

When confronted with a soft truth or low expectations, where rejecting or accepting that truth requires no real life change, rejecting or accepting it costs little or nothing. If a young person is asked to never be caught speaking profanity, to be reasonably kind to others, and to attend church on Sunday, those will be […]

You Can’t Hide!

One of the realities that Oakdale students face is the dimensions of “smallness” that come with being an Oakdale Christian Academy student. Certainly, there are hindrances to being small – few athletic offerings, limited fine arts options, and not as many electives – that larger schools can provide. For a school our size, that we […]

What’s next for Oakdale? Pursue and Prepare!!

There are always two areas of focus for the Oakdale ministry:  Pursue the ministry that is before us as we meet the spiritual, education, and social needs of the students enrolled right now. We never know what opportunities for ministry will appear in the next minute.  Being present with the Lord’s help to meet those […]

Welcoming the Light

Perhaps the greatest blessing we know and experience at Oakdale Christian Academy is the realization that something so simple yet profound is happening in students’ lives, and knowing that God has allowed us to have a part in it.  That blessing is seeing students walking in the Light. Jesus told us that He is the Light: […]

My Great Potato Soup

I once made a really amazing pot of potato soup. It was probably around 1992, living in Greenville, Illinois. They should put a historical marker on the house where I did that. I had no idea I was capable of such a feat, and I’ve never tried it again. I joke that I’ve been intimidated […]

$123,000 Matching Gift!

We have 21 boys crowded into Anderson Hall, and more who want to attend. We are working on short-term solutions, and we have some short term solutions, but for us to continue to serve boys who want and need to attend, we must complete Odermann Hall soon. We are trying to do that by March 1. […]

New Life Happens

The experiences these students have while at Oakdale and what it does for them changes their lives and the lives of those around them!!!!  Last weekend our students provided a Fall Festival for 70 children from the community who are served through our Happy Church connection.  The Beacon Center was a lively place as students ran […]