Boarding/Local Day Students – The 3-Step Application Process

Step 1.  Read the Handbook and speak with Admissions

Parent-Student Handbook PDF

Admissions office can be reached at (606) 657-0451

Step 2.  Complete the Application

Review and complete the following forms:

Admissions ChecklistPDF

Applicant Information Form PDF

Print these form and return to by fax or mail:

Student Questionnaire PDF

Parent/Guardian Questionnaire/Consent & Medical/Health History Release Form PDF

Permission to Administer Medication PDF

Deliver these  forms for others to complete:

By Family Doctor: Physical Examination PDF  Kentucky Immunization Certificate PDF

By Principal/Head of School: Principal Recommendation Form PDF

By School Office: School Record Request PDF

By Other Professional: Recommendation Form PDF

Applications are considered complete when Oakdale has received all pages of the application forms, medical forms, school transcript, recommendation forms and $30 application fee is received.  Applications may be faxed to (877) 666‑2584 or emailed to 

Some applicants may be required by the admissions committee to visit campus prior to the admissions committee making an acceptance decision.

Provisional acceptance is given after Step 2 is complete.

Step 3.  Billing Agreement and Deposit

To move from provisional to full acceptance, the billing agreement issued by the business office must be signed and received. If applying for financial aid, the TADS forms must be completed prior to the billing agreement being issued.

Click here to apply at

Click here to apply at

To guarantee a space in the dorm, a nonrefundable deposit equal to 10 percent the total billed amount (20 percent or more for scholarship students, which will also include the $250 enrollment fee and the $300 activity fee) must be received.

Upon signing a billing agreement and paying the nonrefundable deposit, a student’s place in the dorm will be reserved.

Contact our admissions representative at (606) 657-0451 or at for more information.


You may submit the application and enrollment fees electronically: