What is it about Oakdale?

This email from the parent of a junior high student says it all…

You have no idea how delighted and grateful we are for how far Kate has come this year. We never contemplated sending our children away to boarding school. It was a huge decision to let her go to Oakdale. I will admit – I kept putting it off, ignoring it, avoiding it and yet something just kept compelling me to really consider it. When I took her down for the visit, I was 100% convinced there was NO WAY she was going to Oakdale. By the end of the day both her and I were STUNNED and committed to – “this is exactly the right spot for her.” What is it about Oakdale that sold us AND has been such a huge factor in Kate’s success – the STAFF! Oakdale is run by people with a passion who really believe in what they are doing, are so committed to the children who go there, are willing to give 150% day in and day out AND who continually toss in a lot of love and compassion.

There was a time when Kate was little that we wondered if she would even make it to 18. Then we wondered if she did make it to 18 would she be happy, well adjusted and ready for adulthood. As her year at Oakdale progressed we began to really believe that Kate was going to make it – she would be a success story — now we wonder just how huge of a success she will be!!!!!!!!!!! Bill Gates watch out!

We can never thank you, and all the Oakdale staff, enough! She is the product of all your hard work – kudos to all of you!

If you are the parent of a teenager and you are considering Oakdale Christian Academy, we encourage you to visit campus and meet the teachers, dorm parents and administrators who will be serving your child.  If you are unable to visit campus, take the time to explore this website, visit our Facebook page, and call our office and speak with us.

We seek to be in partnership with you to provide a nurturing boarding experience, a fully accredited college preparatory education, and a Christ-centered community for your son or daughter.